How digitalisation can help achieve a net zero future

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    The intent within the mining sector to tackle climate change and meet ambitious emissions targets would be doubted by few close to the industry. But this represents a huge challenge and will require miners to embrace technology, take risks and collaborate at previously unseen levels.

    We are all in this together 

    Emissions targets both near and long-term will not be met without a broad collaborative effort at scale. Historically, this has not been a strong suit of the mining sector. But this is changing.

    70% of mining professionals believe the industry has the collaborative spirit to bring supply chains and government together on emission-reduction schemes

    Top future necessities that miners need to know 


    Invest in tomorrow’s technology

    A long-term view is needed to reach carbon neutrality. That means basing investment decisions on more than traditional metrics.


    Collaboration must continue to grow

    Alternative collaborative models need to be established that bring complementary objectives and skills together, unique to different commodities and geographies.


    Accelerate digital transformation

    Digitalisation can provide the foundations for necessary innovation in both technology development and collaborative platforms.

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    All this at scale

    Majors are showing leadership but progressive climate policy, innovation, and collaboration must infiltrate the whole mining sector and throughout the value chain.


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