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    Our team of experts is here to understand your objectives, identify how to overcome obstacles, and develop a roadmap for long-term success. From here we will help identify the right solutions as part of your success journey

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    Trying to identify the right solution can be time-consuming and daunting. Oren has all the relevant technologies in one place, and you are fully supported in understanding and piloting these. Oren will also highlight the best emerging technological trends to ensure you are aware of the latest developments

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    In most cases, it is much more cost-effective to use existing solutions to address strategic and operational challenges rather than the costly and time-intensive option of developing an in-house solution

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    We are deeply embedded within the technology community to find the right solutions to meet the needs of mining companies today and for the future. Find the right fit-for-purpose solutions for business success

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    Powered by Shell and IBM



    Shell and IBM have combined strengths to create the first B2B marketplace for the mining and industrial sectors. Oren offers the solutions, software, services, intelligent tools and workflows, and the dynamic community that will make the difference for deep digital transformation


    Leader in energy and lubricants services


    • Strong B2B mining and industrial ecosystem relationships

    • 100+ years in industrial operations with a globally integrated value chain


    Leader in the cloud, AI, data, and analytics solutions


    • Strong mining and industrial digital services

    • 100+ years in technology, global innovation, and services

    Work with our specialists on your transformation roadmap

    photo - mitch-3

    Mitchell Regenstreif


    Mining Venture Analyst

    Mitchell has been with Shell for 1.5 years. Prior to that, he has worked in multiple industries — from being a Mining Engineer in Canadian and Australian mines, through to various roles spanning the marine and technology sector within Canada and the United States.

    Mitchell’s life has been immersed by the mining industry in some facet. He has made it his mission to support the industry in its efforts to decarbonize and to make it operate more efficiently via new and innovative digital solutions.




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    photo - atusa-Mar-15-2021-09-27-01-16-PM

    Atusa Sadeghi


    Mining Venture Analyst

    Atusa has been with Shell's Digital Venture (DV) team since January 2019

    Prior to her joining the DV team, she worked within the mining sector for a decade in different capacities. From a mechanical engineer to field design manager to commissioning lead, she spent a significant time of her technical career at mine sites in remote geographical locations. From deserts in South America to jungles in the Amazon, she worked on the design of several process plants, open pit, and underground mines!

    She is currently pursuing her MBA at the University of California, Berkeley — coupling her technical knowledge with creative business strategy to ensure a successful go-to-market approach for the first-ever B2B mining marketplace - Oren!


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