How digitalisation can help achieve a net zero future

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    Shell and IBM, have combined strengths to create the first B2B marketplace platform of solutions essential to the mining industry and beyond. Oren Marketplace, owned and operated by Shell, is supported with the industrial insights and technological expertise of IBM. The marketplace offers the products, services, and the intelligent workflows that will make the difference for deep digital transformation. Learn more about how you and other leading companies can build innovation-driven brands as Oren sellers through Oren Marketplace.


    • Leader in energy and lubricants services.

    • Strong B2B mining and industrial ecosystem relationships.

    • 100+ years in industrial operations with a global integrated value chain.


    • Leader in cloud, AI, data and analytics solutions.

    • Strong mining and industrial digital services.

    • 100+ years in technology, global innovation, and services.

    Benefits for Partners


    Field-tested solutions

    Find the right fit-for-purpose solutions for business success.

    Efficient access

    Access a one-stop-shop view of the latest industrials solutions addressing your use cases.

    Digitalization engine

    Connect with the globe’s most innovative technologies and intelligent tools.

    Solution Providers

    New revenue

    Enable new and recurring revenue streams with our powerful channel to reach global markets.


    Forge new industry co-selling and ecosystem partnerships and co-create next gen solutions.

    Digital tools

    Accelerate your selling process and increase your digitization and business momentum.

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