How digitalisation can help achieve a net zero future

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    Virtual inspections

    Perform remote virtual inspections and generate reports.

    Activity detection

    Proactively detect activity onsite and receive accurate alerts.

    Asset Management

    Perform automated remote asset integrity inspections for increased productivity.

    Enhanced safety

    Monitor and inspect hazardous areas remotely, ensuring employee and contractor safety.


    Use Case



    With Osperity, companies can increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve HSE compliance with automated leak and safety monitoring, as well as strengthen security and accountability through proactive activity detection and exception-based alerting at remote sites.


    Personalized, accurate alerts

    Get actionable computer vision-based visual alerts based on event type, sites and schedule, and update your alerts anytime.

    Ubiquitous, enterprise access

    Access key visual information from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. Unlimited users. Role-based alerts and reporting.

    Easy deployment

    Get started quickly as a cloud solution. No software to install. Deployed as a managed service, outside of corporate IT infrastructure.

    Sensor and system integration

    Combine data from SCADA and other systems to access live and historical imagery for alarm validation and enhanced situational awareness.

    Osperity Inc

    Osperity assists industrial companies to reduce opex and mitigate safety and environmental risks through intelligent visual monitoring. We help customers to increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve health, safety and environmental (HSE) outcomes with monitoring and automated reporting and inspections, and strengthen security through proactive activity detection and alerting.