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Integrated remote assist using best in class communication platforms

A voice-activated environment with two-way audio and video for facilitating collaborative troubleshooting, assessment and rapid resolution of field issues with the help of remote experts. Fusion Remote hands-free operation increases workflow efficiencies over 30%.


Actionable worflows, inspections, and checklists

Step-by-step inspection solution designed for hands-free operation on smart headsets executing guidelines, checklists, with visualization capability using augmented reality overlays.


Augmented Reality overlay

The Augmented Reality overlay provides full integration of existing IIoT alerts and analytics via open API ingestion and OPCUA connectors. Fusion AR can improve KPI’s with instant equipment alerts and it is fully integrated with Fusion Remote for maintenance assist.


Jujotech is a software company based in Boulder, Colorado. We create Augmented Reality (AR) solutions integrated into Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, BlueJeans, and Zoom.