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    PM Optimization

    Optimize and assess root cause, wear out time, repair time, mean time between failures.


    Improve PMs

    Asset Strategy Library®, world’s largest library of failure data and main recommendations.


    Performance Analysis

    Analyze work order history to better understand costs, labor hours, and KPIs.


    Risk Analysis

    Analyzer Risks and Failures to gauge the likelihood of equipment failure based on actual asset data.

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    Case Studies

    Untapped maintenance cost savings

    UPTAKE creates $28M in value for one of the world's largest copper producers.

    Unlocked $662k in annualized value


    U.S. Utility Leveraged Financially Optimized Maintenance at its Nuclear Plant — without Jeopardizing Safety.

    Improving Asset Performance


    Digitally transforming preventative maintenance operations to increase productivity, reduce costs.

    Customer Feedback & Testimonials

    John Langskov, Section Leader of Preventive, Maintenance Programs, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, Arizona Public Service (APS)

    “The defining characteristic of Compass is that it helps me evaluate cost changes for new PM maintenance strategies I’m considering for the largest nuclear-generating station in the U.S. No other product I’ve ever seen in the industry can even come close.”

    Doug Kroecker, Vice President of Operations, HD-Petroleum

    "In collaboration with our operations team, [we can] discover and quickly take action on insights previously hidden in our data."

    Martin Blades, Program Leader, Enerplus

    "Uptake powered by ShookIOT aligns perfectly with our goals. We needed a solution that was easy to install, had no infrastructure overhead, and liberated data for all."


    Interactive work order data

    Surface all relevant data in one business intelligence dashboard. Quick and easy filtering allows you to sort by equipment type, plant location, and more.

    Clean, reliable data

    Automatically identify potential flaws in records and correct entries using natural language processing.

    Asset and component survival analysis

    Know exactly how much time you have left before a component will fail. Trust your data thanks to continually updated records.

    Accurate cost-analysis

    Know what parts fail most frequently and how much it costs to make those repairs, enabling focus on specific areas for optimization.

    Uptake Technologies, Inc

    Uptake is an Industrial AI company with a unique collection of proven data science models, deep industry expertise and a comprehensive library of industrial asset data. Together, our products empower you with new knowledge that can rapidly improve business performance, optimize spending and reduce operational risk faster than any other industrial analytics company can deliver.