How digitalisation can help achieve a net zero future

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    Case Studies

    Multinational energy company


    A major energy company accesses and integrates data from over 20 sites.

    Energy Company Improves decisions


    Implementation of cloud-based data historian for enterprise-wide decision-making across multiple assets.

    Energy producer combines data with AI/ML to optimize gas lift well production


    Uptake Fusion powered by ShookIOT helped an energy producer source and centralize its operational technology (OT) data. By applying predictive analytics, the company increased production and decreased risk with lift gas injection.

    Customer Feedback & Testimonials

    Todd Habicht, Chief Executive Officer, HD-Petroleum

    "Everything we need to know is on our phones; where we are, whatever we are doing, we are always connected to our refineries, our people, and our business."

    Doug Kroecker, Vice President of Operations, HD-Petroleum

    "In collaboration with our operations team, [we can] discover and quickly take action on insights previously hidden in our data."

    Martin Blades, Program Leader, Enerplus

    "Uptake powered by ShookIOT aligns perfectly with our goals. We needed a solution that was easy to install, had no infrastructure overhead, and liberated data for all."



    Liberate all your industrial data and elevate from source to the cloud.


    Fuse data from multiple sources in a single source of truth.


    Organize your data to provide the right lenses to different data consumers.

    Uptake Technologies, Inc

    Uptake is an Industrial AI company with a unique collection of proven data science models, deep industry expertise and a comprehensive library of industrial asset data. Together, our products empower you with new knowledge that can rapidly improve business performance, optimize spending and reduce operational risk faster than any other industrial analytics company can deliver.