How digitalisation can help achieve a net zero future

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    Whether you need help planning, enabling or integrating your digital transformation, you will be able to effortlessly develop a clear roadmap with OREN.

    OREN will guide your business along a strategic path to digitalisation

    by working with you to deliver a long-term digital roadmap that provides the vital confidence to digitise your operations, increasing efficiency, reducing emissions and enhancing your societal license to operate.

    Our Digital Development Workshop provides you with a comprehensive review of your digital transformation readiness and helps to identify your priorities for investing in digital solutions.

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    With OREN as your partner to guide you through the process, you’ll be able to engage with the world’s most innovative technologies and enjoy all the business advantages without getting lost in the complexities

    Try our Digital Maturity Assessment

    Your digital transformation begins with an assessment of where your business currently stands. Try our two-step, 5 mins self-assessment tool to get:


    A benchmark of your digital maturity score.


    Number of field proven solutions that can help address your pain points.

    Expert advice from an OREN mining expert to discuss the Top 3 recommendations for identified issues.
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    Discover one of our workshops or events

    Digital Development Workshop


    Start your digital journey by creating your clear and strategic digital transformation roadmap aligned to your operational challenges and goals.

     $15k for a limited time only*


    What you get:


    2-3hrs Digital Development Workshop for a single site to align goals & challenges.


    Report on Digital Workshop insights and analysis.


    Creation of a clear and detailed digital roadmap of OREN vetted market leading solutions.

    Fast Introductions


    OREN provides an ecosystem of possibilities by connecting the world's mining companies with innovative and field-proven digital solutions.

     $50k for a limited time only*


    What you get:


    1-2hrs initial consultation to understand the key pain points, needs and use cases relevant for your mining operations.


    A half day of targeted, field-proven solution introductions.


    15 mins presentation from each solution provider on their technology solution and offer.


    Executive summary report, summarising the solutions and a high-level implementation roadmap.

    Design Visualisation Workshop

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    Break down silo walls by developing bespoke end-to-end solutions specifically designed for you.  Easily integrate your data and generate insights in a single platform.                  

     $70k for a limited time only*


    What you get:


    3 workshops over 35 hrs in total to complete the first visualisation phase of the solution journey, that include:

    • 5hrs - value assessment workshop
    • 10hrs - vision assessment workshop
    • 20hrs - prototype workshop

    Prototype of the best solution to take forward for pilot testing.

    Prioritised pilot execution roadmap of the most valuable solution/s.

    Top 3 solution opportunities and expected value gain from solving those challenges.


    Report on workshop overall insights including value drivers and innovation challenges assessment.

    * Prices shown are in US dollars. These offers cannot be exchanged or used against any other paid solutions or services. Offers and promotional enquiries are valid from the 16th July - 30th Sept., 2021. Maximum of 3 offers per company during the promotional period. Additional restrictions may apply. OREN Marketplace reserves the right to change or end this special offer at any time. OREN Marketplace general Terms & Conditions apply. Contact OREN at for further information. 

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